Alaska cruise review and inCruises savings

Date: April 29th to May 6th 2017
Cruise: Alaska 7 night
Cruise Line: Holland America – Eurodam
Itinerary: Seattle, Juneau, Glacier Bay, Sitka, Ketchikan, Victoria, Seattle.
Cabin Category: H ocean view #4076

Rates online from others at the time of booking for same cabin: – $2,483

inCruises rate: $2,143 (includes port charges and taxes for 2)

We used 100% Cruise Dollars to book this cruise.  With inCruises you get 200 Cruise Dollars for $100 each month.  You basically cruise at 1/2 the cost of the lowest going price.

Real cost: $1,072 with $0 out of pocket.

Savings: $1,411 over Costco price.

Review: This was cruise #35 for me.

We had a great time on this cruise. Holland America excels in customer service and cleanliness.  Staff were mainly Indonesian with a scattering of Filipinos.  All the staff were very friendly and always ready to serve.

We parked our car at: for $147 for the week.  We were instantly taken by shuttle to the cruise terminal and within 30 minutes we were on the ship.

We booked an obstructed ocean view Category H cabin #4076.  Normally we book a balcony but for Alaska we knew we would not spend any time on the balcony if we got one.  We were pleasantly surprised that our window was the size of a normal sliding door.  The cabin was very nice and the tv was in the perfect spot at the foot of the bed.  So many top movie choices.

Dinner that night in the main dinning room was casual so just wore jeans and polo shirt.  We did go to one formal night and dressed in a suit.  We did 4 nights in the main dinning room and 3 nights in the Lido on deck 9 for the buffet.   If dressing up is not for you then you can certainly get away with just casual attire for the whole trip.   We both over packed.  I only wore one dress shirt, my suit once, one pair of jeans and 2 other shirts the whole time.  Just socks and underwear were daily changed 😉 lol  Oh don’t forget the swimsuit.

You can also use Laundry service for either $20 per bag or $49 for the trip for daily service.  We originally purchased the $49 plan but after the 4th day we never needed to use it so we got a refund.

I’ve been on this cruise 5 times and you never know what the weather will be like even in the summer.  This was the first cruise of the season leaving April 29th so we were thinking cold and wet.  So I brought a heavy ski jacket.  (good choice)

For the first day we were at sea.  Going on the outside of Vancouver Island is normally a little rough and it didn’t disappoint.  People without sea legs felt a little uneasy that day.  Just be sure to eat something and stay on the lower decks in the middle of the boat.  When you book your room and you know you have issues then book low and middle.  Our cabin was perfect #4076 and we hardly felt the movement.

Being in the front or back in rough seas is like being in a non-stop roller coaster.  You can feel your body getting heavy then light.  Just know the tricks and you’ll be ok.

Juneau was about 46 and light rain.  When you don’t know the conditions I don’t recommend booking excursions before hand and you can always get better deals onshore most of the time.  Of course if you are in foreign lands and not sure I do recommend booking from the ship.

For Juneau I recommend going to Mendenhall Glacier and walking around.  You can get bus tickets off the boat at the booth.  $35 per person round trip.

The next day we sailed to Glacier Bay which was beautiful.  No rain at all and very pleasant walking the decks and catching the amazing views.  We had a park ranger narrating the whole day.

We were supposed to go to Sitka the following day but there was a major system going through so the captain decided to skip it and go to Ketchikan a day early then go back through the inside passage and spend a full day in Victoria.  This worked out perfect.  Though the shop keepers were telling us there was a rush to prepare for us a day early.  We were the first boat of the season.  They did a great job.

On a previous cruise we did whale watching at Sitka and has a great time.  This early though is not whale watching season.  They are still over in Maui having a great time in warmer water.

We got to Ketchikan and the weather was absolutely beautiful.  In fact this was the first time out of 4 others where it didn’t rain.

We had a good time walking around the town.  Many went to the lumberjack show and other excursions.  For those wanting gifts the best deals are right there off dock #3 at Sockeye Sam’s.

Going through the inside passage was a treat and we didn’t see any whales this time of the year.  Smooth sailings.

We arrived in Victoria for the day and what a gorgeous day it was.  Though a little windy.  Temperatures were around 50 to 60.

We walked from the dock to town and then took the double decker tour bus.  Cost was worked out to be around $60 USD for 2.  The trip was 90 minutes and after walking back to the ship for lunch we came back out and did it again.

We’ve already done Butchart Gardens and that is a must see if you’ve never been there.  The bus tour was very nice though to see everything.  We then walked through town and had a nice coffee at Murchie’s Tea and Coffee.  They are highly rated and have many good things to eat.

It seemed this week just flew by.  Our time to disembark was 9:15am and we enjoyed our last breakfast on board and once our color was called we made our way to get our luggage.  Again it took maybe 20 minutes to make it to the shuttle back to the car.

We had a great time and certainly for $1,072 for both of us was a great deal.

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