The Biggest Secret in Cruises Today – inCruises Review

Have you ever wished you could go on a luxury cruise vacation but think you couldn’t afford it?

Maybe you are a cruise fanatic like I am and found cruising to be the way to relax and see the world but you wish you could go more often.

Well, I was introduced to the biggest secret in cruising last year and I’m so thankful to that person.

The big secret is inCruises and what they have done is making waves in the cruise industry just like how Uber and AirBNB changed their industries.

inCruises mission is to change the way families save, plan and pay for their holiday vacations.

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My inCruises Review and Personal Testimony

This is such a smart idea and I’m so glad I joined back in May 2016.  Since then I faithfully paid my $100 membership while receiving 200 Cruise Dollars each month.  Because inCruises was basically doubling my money I was able book a 7 night cruise to Alaska using 100% Cruise Dollars without any out of pocket costs!

See my video below:

When I tell some people about inCruises they automatically think inCruises is a scam because the deal is just too good to be true.

If I tell people about inCruises in a cruise group on Facebook, many times the Admin will remove the comment because they don’t want to upset the travel agents in the group.

So that is why I see that inCruises is the biggest secret in cruises.  Only those that are personally invited or find out about it by other means like you’re doing here will know about it.

I’ve checked out other travel memberships like WorldVentures, Goodlife, Surge365 and others but nothing compares to this.  Most have a sign up fee and just get you a discount on group packages.

With inCruises there is $0 activation fee for members, membership is $100 per month and you get that back and more by simply booking a cruise.  In fact you get double what you put in back as in 200 Cruise Dollars which you use like cash to book any cruise.  You can start using your Cruise Dollars after 30 days.  They also have a 30 day money back guarantee.  Your Cruise Dollars don’t expire as long as you remain a member.  You can cancel your membership at anytime without any penalties.  In fact you can stop for up to a year without losing your Cruise Dollars.

The only fine print really is how much of your Cruise Dollar balance you can use per cruise.  You can use 60% of your Cruise Dollars balance per cruise in year 1, 70% year 2, 80% year 3, 90% year 4 and 100% in year 5 and beyond.

Remember you can pay up to 100% for the cruise booking.  Do for example say you’re a member for 10 months.  Your total membership cost is $1,000 (10 x $100) but that gave you 2,000 Cruise Dollars in you account.  Now since this is your first year you can book a cruise and have it paid in full that is under $1,200 and leave you a balance of 800 Cruise Dollars.  If you did want to go on a cruise that was more than $1,200 then you just pay the difference on a credit card.

But if you kept the Cruise Dollars growing until the 13th month then you can use 70% of your Cruise Dollar balance for each cruise.  So then that means you could book a cruise costing $1,820 without having to pay anything more out of pocket.  Plus you would have a balance of 780 Cruise Dollars.

This truly is the Ultimate Cruise Savings plan.  Can you see who they are changing the way people save, plan and pay for their holiday vacations?

For more information and to get started visit:

Since I became an independent inCruises Partner you can contact me with any questions.  Contact info is on the bottom of that page.

If you know others that cruise or would like to and get the best deal possible then you might want to be a partner too and make cruising your business?  Is so visit:

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