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Royal Caribbean partners with Brandwatch as social intelligence provider

Brandwatch announced today that Royal Caribbean International has selected Brandwatch as its social intelligence technology platform of record. Brandwatch’s social intelligence products and platforms will provide stable support to Royal Caribbean’s customer service efforts. Brandwatch will enable Royal Caribbean to sift through its online discussions to determine which mentions need immediate attention, which customers need to be engaged with and which…
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Video: Royal Caribbean’s Ship Designers Stay Ahead of the Curve

Designing and building the world’s largest cruise ships is no small feat for Royal Caribbean’s Newbuild team. Creative collaboration between the team’s designers, architects, shipbuilders and executives is the key to building industry-leading vessels. Often spanning six or seven time zones, the team is brought together by a shared passion. They’ve built a rapport that allows them to feed off…
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Royal Caribbean announces 2018 President's Cruise sailing

Royal Caribbean announced today its third President’s Cruise, which offers guest the chance to cruise with Royal Caribbean’s CEO. The 2018 President’s Cruise will be held on the September 29, 2018 sailing of Harmony of the Seas out of Port Everglades, Florida. Royal Caribbean posted the details to its President’s Cruise mini-site. The cruise will be 7-nights and include a…
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