How to Cruise for FREE!

How would you like to cruise for FREE?

Better yet, how would you like to get paid to cruise?

Being someone that loves to cruise and has been on over 30 cruises so far around the world I wanted to find a way to actually cruise for a living.

Doing my research I found a few options:

  1. Open a travel business – Wow! Talk about the initial investment capital needed and franchise costs of over $50,000.  Not to mention the building lease, employees, office costs, healthcare and so on.  Sorry no way!
  2. Become a travel agent online – Well, this requires basically starting your own business and going through training and paying for a host company to work with.  To see the long process see: Become a Travel Agent Online. Sorry this is also a no!

Both of the above options require becoming IATAN certified and requires:

  • Be an owner, employee or an independent contractor of an IATAN accredited location.
  • Be registered with IATAN.
  • Devote a minimum of 20 hours per week to the business of selling travel.
  • Earn a minimum of USD 5,000 in salary and/or commissions in the prior 12 months.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Pay a yearly fee.

These options require too much money, time and risk.  You are also having to find new business all the time and make individual sales.  Especially in option #2 if you don’t find a customer you don’t make any money.  These options really give you no chance of generating a residual income to retire on.

I found the perfect solution to cruise for free and also get paid to cruise!


When I discovered inCruises I was in love!  Here’s why:

  1. Great value for members – The inCruises membership is $100 per month but in return you’re getting 200 Cruise Dollars each month that accumulate into your account that never expire.  You can cancel at any time without any cancellation penalties.
  2. Very low cost to become a Partner and do the business – Becoming a partner is only cost $195 USD (This gives you referral site, online training, marketing materials and the ability to earn more Cruise Dollars, Commissions and Bonuses.)
  3. Ability to make money fast – Simply find a few partners and members for inCruises and you earn instant commissions.  Also find a few people that want an inCruises membership that gives them 200 Cruise Dollars monthly for their $100 monthly membership.  These Cruise Dollars can be used to book a cruise.
  4. Ability to grow your income over time – With inCruises you’re building a network of partners and members where you are rewarded as your network grows. This is a lot like owning your own business without the expense, risk or hassle.
  5. Ability to cruise for FREE – Simply find 5 members and your membership is waived.  This gives you 2,400 Cruise Dollars per year for free you can use to book your cruises.
  6. World wide market – You can sponsor members and partners in 150 countries around the world.
  7. Easy to do and no license required – Simply sign up and start using your referral link and telling people around you about inCruises.

Watch this short video about inCruises

How to Cruise for FREE

Simply become a Partner & Member which is $195 + $100 membership per month and sponsor 5 members then your membership fee is waived each month you have 5 active members and you’re still getting 200 Cruise Dollars accumulated per month.  This will give you 2,400 Cruise Dollars per year.

Getting Paid to Cruise

Whenever you sponsor new Partner/Members you earn $50 to $150 and once a Partner you sponsored is also membership free then you start collecting $5 per member in your entire group up to 5 generations!

You also earn 100 Cruise Dollars for every 3 new members in the month.

For bonuses to start off with you earn a $500 each month when you have a total of 30 members in your entire group. This grows as high as $55,000 in bonuses per month!

What a great way to retire!

Don’t Delay Get Started Today



Don’t miss the boat on this opportunity!

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